We. Are. Offline.

8th December 2023:


In her latest quest for destruction, our co-director Angeline Lee has rendered our IT platforms inaccessible, and we cannot receive emails to superlativefoods.com accounts or calls to our company's phone numbers nor access company data.


Given the astonishing breaches of laws and regulations she has allegedly committed, we have filed a claim against her under the Companies Act in the Singapore High Court (HC/OC 805/2023). The legal process is complex, but we are confident we will obtain a court order in the coming weeks to end the harm that is being done to our business, employees and shareholders. Should our external auditors find evidence of relevant irregularities, we will submit those to law enforcement and other authorities.


Daniel S Binder


9th October 2023:


Good Day!


We have been going through a rough patch recently. Buckling under a wave of malicious and false police reports, an unlawful lockout of key personnel, dismantling corporate oversight processes and IT systems, laughable legal undertakings and other efforts to harm our business severely, our company has taken a severe hit. The motives of these actions by a director are beyond comprehension, defy logic and business sense and are best described as the result of a questionable state of mind determined to destroy anything in the way. Ironically, these forces are demonstrably short of business achievements and left it to others to carry the burden of financing the explosive growth of Superlative Foods over more than a decade.


You may have received numerous conspiracy-laden, incomprehensible emails from a superlativefoods.sg account. An individual, not our company, registered this domain only a few months ago to sow confusion and exfiltrate corporate data to external platforms not under the control of our company. Superlative Foods also did not authorise the redirection of the .sg domain to our .com website, and all our company phone and WhatsApp numbers start with 6950… or 6990…


Our communication channels, sales and procurement network, work processes, marketing, manufacturing and a large part of our organisation are dysfunctional. We are sorry that your messages are not replied to within a reasonable timeframe, nor can we often get the most basic business functions done. As challenging as it may be, we are trying hard to recover from this deliberate destruction of the business to which we dedicated incredible efforts, time, heart and money for over a decade.


I genuinely appreciate your support in all these years!


Daniel S Binder